Sailing for the knowledge of microplastics


Plastic products are used in our daily life due to their durability, impermeability and low cost production. Nowadays, they constitute a 10% of waste generated worldwide, and many of them end up in the ocean. These characteristics which make them so useful for us, also makes them accumulate in the subtropical gyres where they break into microplastics. Those tiny plastics are available to a huge range of organisms so they are easily incorporating in the trophic chain. Despite the big impact of this pollutant, there still many unknowns. Due to the lack of measures and observations the distribution of microplastics on the open ocean is not well-know. Hence, we would like to stablish an easy and accurate methodology for sampling microplastics so everyone with a sailing boat can contribute to complete its concentration data worldwide. For this reason, we are carrying out a crossing North Atlantic trip while sampling microplastics, to start completing this database and to demonstrate that it is possible, by citizen science, to know microplastics distribution.


José Miguel Trujillo Rodríguez

Since he was a child “la costa del sol” (El Charcón) made him fall in love with the sea. This brought him to get a Msc in Marine Science. With experience as fishing observer and participant in many oceanographic campaigns with IEO, he is one crew in our adventure.

Andrea Ester Ramírez

Her passion for the ocean includes and Msc in Marine Science, professional in diving, whale watcher and macroalgaes lover. Conservation is her premise. Her knowledge of the sea from those many perspectives makes her a big fan of our project.


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